Xhaka hopes Arsenal can continue to stay top of the table

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Xhaka hopes Arsenal can continue to stay top of the table before the World Cup break.

Arsenal midfielder Granit Xhaka has said the club want to stay at the top for as long as possible. And hopefully the team will take a break. Before entering the World Cup with the leadership of the Premier League.

Arsenal have been in great form this season, winning nine of their 10 games, taking 27 out of 30, and keeping them top of the table with their best performance the club has ever done. And has a four-point distance from Manchester City after 10 equal games.

“Of course, when you are at the top you want to keep it as long as possible. If we can keep it until the World Cup It would have been a perfect break for us. And the team will continue to prepare plans for January.”

“We had a very good home game and always been good, but now I think we have played a lot stronger. And there are more gameplay variations to solve problems. Since Mikel came into the team we have different solutions in the game, we have two and three in the same game.”

“I think I’ve been playing well since coming here. But this time it was different. I have more experience. I’m not a smart person. But he didn’t want to be label as a fool. But by playing with age, with things around the past It molds you into a different player a person. Who is not the same person. I am very happy at the moment it is the way. I dreamed of being.”

“I’m 30, but I’m not worried about anything that hasn’t happen. The coaches and staff know who I am. What condition is my body in? And I have to look at myself. It’s good for us to keep winning. make it easier As for other things like the World Cup, the future and stuff like that, I don’t even think about it. I don’t think anything out of the box once I’m on the pitch, this is football, one second after going on the pitch anything can happen. Risk is something that is already happening at 50:50 on the ball, it is already putting your foot on the risk.”

“With increasing age I got to know my body better and better when I was younger. It’s not like this The thinking is the same. When you’re 30, you’ll know yourself what your body needs and what doesn’t. You need people around you to help you. in terms of living, eating and caring.”

Granit Xhaka’s performance this season 14 games [Star 13 Subs 1] 3 goals 3 assists in all competitions