Player Ratings Liverpool 1-0 defeat against rookie Nottingham Forest

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Player Ratings Liverpool 1-0 defeat against rookie Nottingham Forest.

Liverpool player ratings

Alisson Becker – 7/10
Today the defender is especially diligent because he has to make many saves to help the team. Which must be appreciated for the position that can be quite excellent.

James Milner – 7/10 started
the field at right-back. Diligent to run up and down to help chase the ball and chase the pressure well. There is a chance to fill the game up high several times.

Joe Gomez – 5/10
made several mistakes until he was penalized. There was clearly a lack of confidence in the last half until the attacking line, Forest attacked particularly hard.

Virgil van Dijk – 6/10 Defensive
game as standard. But today there is a chance to win the door in the offensive game many times. But still not decisive enough to turn into a goal

Andy Robertson – 6/10
Today the role with the game is quite small. There is almost no chance to fill the game up very high. because most of the balls seem to go up on the starboard

Fabinho – 6/10
Keeping the rhythm of the game in midfield. But today seems to be below the standard, both offensively and defensively. There were some missed shots in the middle of the field.

Curtis Jones – 6/10
had the opportunity to play with the ball many times. but unable to create impact for the team Can only knock the ball back and forth.

Harvey Elliott – 7/10 A
rather dominant role in midfield where most of the ball goes up the hill. There are many beautiful opening shots, including a chance to win some goals in this game.

Fabio Carvalho – 6/10
finds space to get in well, creating many chances for himself. But today still lacks the sharpness of the chances that should have turned into a goal today.

Mohamed Salah – 5/10,
silence throughout the game. The chances of playing with the ball are very few. Plus, when they have a chance to win the ball in the penalty area, they tend to make too many mistakes.

Roberto Firmino – 6/10
Keeping the ball connected in the front. enough to find some chances to finish, especially from the header, but still not good enough