Nottingham Forest at home to beat Liverpool 1-0 in the Premier League

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Nottingham Forest at home to beat Liverpool 1-0 in the Premier League.

Nottingham Forest made a surprise home win over Liverpool 1-0 with a goal from Taiwo Avonyi in the 55th minute. Finishing the game with 3 points.

Starting the first half as Liverpool. Who dominated the ball and had a chance to win first from the 9th minute from the moment. That Carvalho received the ball in the penalty area. But also shot to save Henderson

A minute later, Firmino hit a corner. But the ball fell off the pole.

In the 19th minute, Kuyate had the opportunity to try to look far outside the penalty area. But directly to Alisson

A minute later, Salah tried charging in the box. but also to ricochet the defender block behind the native

In the 23rd minute, Carvalho strikes in the penalty area. But the ball still fell out of the box.

In the 30th minute, Salah slips into the penalty area before the main left. But not good shot A light ball goes into Henderson’s hand.

A minute later, Forest counter-attacked and it was Lingard who fired a clear, yet direct shot against Alisson.

In the 37th minute, Van Dijk missed a golden opportunity from a rhythm heading, but instead chose to strike. which the weight did not fit, the ball fell off after

After that, both sides couldn’t do anything to finish the first 45 minutes, still 0-0.

Starting the second half, still the visiting team who covered the ball more than 52 minutes invaded, Cavallino had a chance to spin with the right in the penalty area. but still jumped over the beam

Until the 55th minute, Forest took the lead first from the moment that Cook fell to starboard before opening into the middle for Avoniya, the first stroke shot to hit the pole, rebounding into the way repeatedly.

In the 57th minute, Elliott slipped into the penalty area before hitting a narrow corner to save Henderson.

A minute later, the home team made a counter-attack, Avonyi dropped before passing in the middle for Gibbs White to choose a shot angle, but Milner still caught up with the block.

In the 63rd minute, Firmino hit the corner again. but was badly hit, the ball didn’t match the frame

68th minute Johnson charge sharply in box .But still made save from Alisson.

71st minute Curtis Jones volley on right in front of the penalty area. But still not through Henderson.

In the 77th minute, Ryan Yates has a shot in the penalty area. But once again, Alisson was able to defend it.

In the 85th minute, Trent headed straight, but Dean Henderson was still a super save.

A minute later, Yates slipped into the penalty area. But still shot to save Alisson’s missed opportunity to shoot the goal embedded.

In the 90th minute, Van Dijk fired a shot in the penalty area. But the ball fell out of the box.

In stoppage time, Van Dijk headed straight into the corner but the Henderson Super saved an incredible save.

The Reds were unable to equalize after 90 minutes as Nottingham Forest defeated Liverpool 1-0 at home.