Nottingham Forest 1-0 Liverpool: Collecting issues

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Nottingham Forest 1-0 Liverpool: Collecting issues. After Saturday night’s Premier League game.

Game image that Forest is not very inferior.

Throughout 90 minutes today, even Liverpool dominated the ball more offensively. But having said that, Nottingham Forest did a pretty good job of organizing the defensive game. That made the Reds today find a rhythm to make the game into the final area quite difficult. But some blame the visiting players themselves for not being sharp enough for the opportunities they create. Moreover, in the second half. Forest itself will tackle Liverpool’s weaknesses well in counter-attacking games. Plus the Reds today made too many mistakes and led to a goal conceded. Which after taking the lead. They pack the game well until they finally get the 3 most important points to dominate.

Henderson carries the game against the hosts.

Indeed, today Liverpool had enough chances to finish several times. But the key part that save Forest from conceding goals tonight was with Dean Henderson at the post. The last fortress By today, refer to as 7 safes that are both open and focus. This glueman on loan from Manchester United can fend off all. And with this form that has been seen many games before. It is unlikely that he will have the opportunity to serve on behalf of the England team at the World Cup later this year.

The stats of the Reds’ favorite away games

One of the Reds’ blind spots that has kept their performance. Below par is their unbeaten away record in five away games in the league, with two draws and even defeats. 3 games plus any day that they wear white shirts. This season have all ended with 3 consecutive defeats, including the defeat to Manchester United. The defeat to Arsenal and most recently this game that was knock out by Knots. Tingham Forest’s unbelievable turnaround

Is Salah still expecting anything?

As many people see, this year Mo Salah’s performance looks very different from previous years. In fact, the Egyptian star’s form has started to drop since the second half of last season. But nowadays, when many different parts and factors enter the dark era at the same time. It makes Bangmo’s plummeting form even more pronounced. As you can see in this game that many people thought. That he did not go on the field because he was almost involved in the game. The chances of playing with the ball were very few. Plus, when I get the ball, I can’t create opportunities for the team. Of course, every footballer has good and bad form. But because of the fact.