Matthaus backs Flick to remain at the helm of Germany.

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Hansi Flick should continue as Germany’s national team coach. According to Eagles legend Lothar Matthaus. Lothar Matthäus the legendary German football player also supports Hansi Flick to continue working as the Eagles’ trainer. Amid news that the DFB may consider firing the 58-year-old trainer from his position. If his performance does not improve from before. From a reveal with Philippe Kessler from Tz last Saturday. 

Previously, there were reports from Bild that. UFABET The DFB may consider removing Flick from his position if the 58-year-old coach is unable to turn around the current situation, with the name Julian Nagelsmann, Matthias Sammer and Oliver Glasner are in line to be hired. As the new manager of the Eagles. But Matthaus still backs Flick’s work next. 

Matthäus said.

‘Hansi has wanted to experiment for the past few months. I know he’s a guy who’s always looking for that last percentage point to improve. Maybe he won’t find that. But he got the answer that something wasn’t working. He still draws conclusions that may help the team in the future. I say we should continue to trust Hansi.’ 

‘I don’t see the team on the field. You have to hold the players accountable as well. Our national team needs a proper system, a balanced system and Hansi has to take responsibility for that. He impressively proved at FC Bayern that he could do just that. I still believe he can do that with the national team as well.’

‘Hansi is fighting, he knows what quality players he has. He knows what he wants. Now it’s more than he did 3-4 months ago. He made decisions that didn’t work. Yeah, it’s been a terrible year so far. You can’t turn back time. But from these experiences, Hansi is able to assess what is needed for future success.’ Matthäus said.