Graded Chelsea-Man United players in the Premier League game

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Graded Chelsea-Man United players in the Premier League game.

Player ratings from both teams


Kepa Arrisalaga – 8
holds a solid place in the starting XI. Helped the team save important moments many times in this game. A goal conceded is almost achievable. Unfortunately, brushed to the pole and bounced into the door.

Thiago Silva – 7
standing as a cover at the back. Keep collecting last stroke well. Coordinating with Chalobah quite perfectly.

Trevoh Chalobah – 7
strokes, a single duel with the offensive line, Man United did Chelsea quite well, difficult to pass. play pretty sure Plus there’s a chance to fill up to hit the beam in the second half as well.

Marc Cucurella – 5,
standing at centre-left. But today there problem of standing. Causing to be attacked on the left starboard often and was substituted from the first half to adjust the tactics

Cesar Azpilicueta – 7
copes well with Jadon Sancho, Chelsea most of the role is defensive. There is a chance to fill up some in the second half.

Ben Chilwell – 7
stationed on the left side, coped well with Anthony. But today’s offensive game almost no role at all.

Jorginho – 7
had trouble controlling midfield early in the game. But after adjusting the plan. It seems to doing a little better. Keep chasing the game in the middle of the field. As well as being the person. Who kills the penalty for the team to lead first as well.

Ruben Loftus Cheek – 6
Today the role is not very prominent. Quick access but can hold the ball with the ball well

Mason Mount – 6
got caught up in a game that made the game inconvenient. Have to come down to reach the ball low, but still can’t create a game very much.

Raheem Sterling – 5
still has no major achievements. Today, the drag and eat didn’t pass. The timing of the payout or the finish time is still a bad decision.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang – 5
very few chances of playing with the ball quite isolate in the frontier. There was a chance to shoot some superficial shots. But still not good enough.

Manchester United

David de Gea – 6
Not much time to make saves today. The overall picture and cutting the ball, the use of feet is considered standard.

Rafael Varane – 7
works flawlessly. The stroke of the ball, the stroke of the collision is quite certain. Unfortunately, the injury was so severe that it had to be replaced in the second half.

Lisandro Martinez – 8
Excellent handling of the Chelsea attacking line. Can fight with strength and fierceness. There are almost no breaks and mistakes to be seen.

Luke Shaw – 7
has some attacking opportunities. The defensive game is considered to be good at battling and dealing with the local attacking line. There was a moment to shoot far, but the ball fell off the post.

Diogo Dalot – 7
copes well with Ben Chilwell, cutting the ball midfield and taking the ball forward to create chances for the team.

Casemiro – 8
, outstanding control of the midfield game. Participate in both offensive and defensive games. Plus today is also the equalizer for the team at the end of the game as well.

Christian Eriksen-7
is back in the starting XI after suffering an illness. Keep molding the game in the middle of the field. But today the role in the offensive game still does not do much.

Bruno Fernandes – 7
keeps connecting the ball in midfield. I had a chance to try and finish some. But I still didn’t do it well enough. The first half was enough to create some chances for the teammates.

Jadon Sancho – 5
Today I played quite a bit of wrong form. Almost unable to feed themselves. It to lack understanding of the rhythm of running to find the channel and the rhythm of passing the ball with teammates as well.

Anthony – 6
flashes when he’s on the ball. But today, Icaught up in the act. That I couldn’t do much. He miss a golden opportunity to shoot with the right side. But fell out of the frame.

Marcus Rashford – 6
had some chances of slipping into the box early in the game. But Kepa’s shot went to save.