You to know more about football betting

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You to know more about football betting.

And if you want to gamble. How is there a way to calculate the amount? And for newbies who want to play step-by-step football to be profitable. Let’s see what the formula for playing football sets is. It is another form of betting on football predictions. Which is different from betting on single ball or favorite ball because it must predict the winning team of more than 1 team in each bill Makes it harder to play than single ball, but if it wins, you will get more money. Can play no matter where with UFABET

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For playing online football series is similar to playing a tick on the box. But playing online is not force to play the maximum number of pairs. But there is a minimum set of 3 pairs or more. The way to play is to look at the schedule of the day’s competition to see which teams compete. Then choose to bet at least 3 pairs and place bets such as

  • Choose 3 pairs of bets by placing a bet of 100 baht and all three pairs have a multiplier rate of 1.67, 1.98, 1.50. If all 3 pairs are correct, the prize money is
  • 100 (Bet) x 1.67 x 1.98 x 1.50 = 495.99 baht. It can seen that playing only 3 pairs of football. Matches will get almost 4 times the money ever.
  • But football betting also has rules that help many players not lose all their bets. In case the guess is wrong by using the odds per ball rail to help

How to see football odds, how to look today, we will tell you without a vest

0.0 The price of the ball is always

  • No team is contiguous. which if betting on the winning team will get the money back in full (payback)

0-0.5 or 0.25, the ball price is always halv

  • Choose the next team. The next team must win at least 1 goal to get full. If tie loses half if losing the full amount
  • Choose a secondary team, the secondary team can win in full. if always get time if losing the full amount

0.5 half ball

  • Choose the next team, the next team must win to get full. If a draw or lose is full
  • Select the sub team, if the under team wins or draws, it will be full. if lost in full